2019 Summer Reading Titles for English and Social Studies



The summer reading assignments for the English department are set!!!!  

ALL honors, AP, & IB English classes have a summer reading (& writing) assignment -- ALL OF THEM -- ALL GRADE LEVELS!!!!

Here is a link to that information -- please share this with any student who may need it!  Also, please send students to room 226 with any questions!

Students can find this link on the school's home page: -- they can find titles and download assignment sheets here!
Summer Reading for Social Studies

AP Human Geography Assignment and Documents:
APHG Welcome Letter 2019_2020.pdf
AP Human Geography Summer Assignment.pdf
AP Human Geography Summer Assignment Rubric_2019_2020.pdf
11 World Realms Outline Map.pdf
11 World Realms Common Traits_2019_2020.pdf


Tulipomania - by Mike Dash
Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland - by Christopher Browning

AP Euro is a college level course and the expectations for students is that both of these books are read, with comprehensive notes before the first day of school. Notes should be handwritten. Students can expect multiple assignments for each reading and/or possibly a test or quiz during the first week of class.

Please review this document, sign it, have your parent sign it and bring it to class on your first day. AP Euro Student Contract.docx

Need help with note taking? 
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​Contact your Euro teachers: 
Ms. Wakefield
Mrs. Williams