Attendance Make-Up Information

End of Second Semester Attendance Make-Up 2018

End of 2nd Semester Attendance Make-Up School will be held from May 14 - June 1.  Seniors will have to finish their attendance make-up earlier because of graduation.

Late In and Early Out students may attend their Attendance Make-up in the Media Center with Ms. Burlingham during their Late In and Early Out times.  After School Attendance Make-up will be held from 3:00-4:30 in the cafeteria in front of the stage area.

All students should obtain Attendance Make-Up forms from the Attendance Office, Guidance Office, Office 123, or Office 120.  Please note that the Attendance Make-up form is noted with a revision date of May 2, 2017

Students must fill out the form entirely, obtaining all necessary signatures; Teacher signature, Parent signature, Attendance signature, and the final signature will be their Administrator’s.  The Administrator will sign the form only after all other signatures have been obtained.  The number of sessions to be made up also needs to appear on the form.

Completed Attendance Make-up forms must be brought to Mrs. Doane in Office 120 & Mrs. David in office 123 (to the office of your administrator).  The forms must have all the signatures before they can be turned in along with their payment for the Attendance Make-up class.  Money will only be accepted during all three lunches.  No money is accepted after 2:00.

Teachers should give students who are over in days Attendance Make-up assignments for their students to complete.