Action steps for Dual Enrollment classes

Interested in Dual Enrollment classes? Here are things you need to do to be ready for this opportunity.
  • Have strong grades your freshmen and sophomore year in challenging classes. i.e. honors level classes in English, math, science, social studies, etc.
  • Let your guidance counselor know that you are interested in Dual Enrollment classes during your IGP.
  • Take a college placement test and earn a qualifying score. This is important!
    • You may take the Accuplacer, The ACT, and/or SAT to qualify for a Dual Enrollment class. This is why you need to have a strong academic background in the freshmen and sophomore years to be ready for these tests. 
    • What's a good score? Depends on the class you want to take. Talk to your guidance counselor for more information.
  • Complete and submit a Trident Technical College Dual Enrollment application. The application is returned to the student's guidance counselor.
  • Come to the orientations session for parents and students held at JICHS during the summer.

More questions? Talk to your guidance counselor and/or see our FAQ's page.