Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment 2018-19
A rigorous academic opportunity for ambitious Trojans!


Here are some of the courses that will be offered

  • English 101
  • English 102
  • Public Speaking SPE 110
  • College Algebra MAT 110
  • College Trigonometry MAT 111
  • College Probability and Statistics MAT 120
  • Art History and Appreciation ART 101
  • Music Appreciation MUS 105
  • American Government PSC 201
  • Macroeconomics ECO 210

Some important things to know about Dual Credit Courses

  • You can earn one unit toward the high school diploma for each three-semester-hour college course successfully completed;
  • You must take a placement test and earn a qualifying score (Accuplacer, SAT, or ACT) to qualify for courses;
  • Student performance in dual credit courses will directly affect high school records and graduation requirements in accordance with S.C. state policy. Courses are weighted more and impact the GPA more than an honor or CP course;
  • You must complete and submit a Dual Enrollment Application and return it to the student's guidance counselor;
  • Students taking courses for dual credit are responsible for the cost of tuition and books
    • Tuition - $171.84/credit hour  (3-credit = $515.52)
    • Fees - Some lab courses include an additional $25 fee
  • SC Lottery Tuition Assistance
    • Dual Credit students who are taking at least 6 college credit hours during a semester may reduce the amount of tuition they owe by receiving lottery tuition assistance; students do not need to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for lottery assistance for the period they are enrolled in high school;
    • 2016-17 Lottery Assistance amount = $100/credit hour (up to total of $1200/semester);
    • Therefore a student who took two dual credit courses in 2016-17 paid $431.04 for tuition instead of $1031.04;
  • Need-Based Scholarships - available for high school students who qualify for free- or reduced- lunch programs.


 Please note

  • Courses will be scheduled during the first and last periods of the day;
  • Please note, for Dual Enrollment courses to be beneficial to you, students should work towards a final grade of an A or B in the courses. Grades less than a B will negatively impact college transcripts and scholarship opportunities;
  • College credit – Always confirm with the college you are interested in about transferability of credits. Some colleges outside of SC will not take dual enrollment credit.

 Other recommended rigorous program offered at JICHS that may interest you

Consider taking an IB or AP class. These are college-level courses that look great on a high school transcript. Many colleges across the nation give credit for courses taken if you score high enough on the AP or IB exams. There is no cost for these courses.

Please feel free to contact the school with any questions you may have about our rigorous course offerings. Also, see our Dual Enrollment action steps page and/or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for more information about this opportunity.