Julienne Suttle

I am truly excited about having your child in my CP BIOLOGY class!  Your child’s successful completion of this 1-credit unit course will fulfill a portion of the science graduation requirement (3 science units are required for graduation, but 4 are required for most colleges). With your support and the hard work of your child, this experience will be rewarding!   

            During our 90-minute class each day, we will address a South Carolina Biology state standard objective, which can be accessed in detail at: (pages 70-79).

The topics and SC Science Standards we will cover this semester are:

Unit 1: Standard H.B.1: Scientific inquiry (Sci. Method/Life/Biomolecules)

Unit 2: Standard H.B.2: Cells as a system (Cells Parts & Viruses)

Unit 3: Standard H.B.2: Cells as a system (Cell Transport)

Unit 4: Standard H.B.2: Cells as a system (Mitosis)

Unit 5: Standard H.B.3: Energy transfer

Unit 6: Standard H.B.4: Heredity-Inheritance and Variation of Traits (DNA)

Unit 7: Standard H.B.4: Heredity-Inheritance and Variation of Traits (Genetics)

Unit 8: Standard H.B.5: Biological Evolution- Unity and Diversity

Unit 9: Standard H.B.6: Ecosystem Dynamics

 The course will be organized by units, with quizzes and end-of-unit tests.  The daily routine will be as follows:

o    Opener – questions or vocabulary

o    Interactive discussion of the objective, students use Notes Outlines (see below)

o    Independent practice for your child to apply the material on his/her own

o    Group activity or laboratory

o    Closer- involving a review of the objectives 

          This schedule gives the student a chance to apply and practice the daily standard. It is important that your child improves their note-taking and organization skills throughout the semester.



o      Please ask for help BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.  I’m available before school most days by appointment! If that does not work with your schedule—see me so we can arrange a different time.

o      Keep up with everything! Notebooks will be graded throughout the semester.

Homework:  It will be assigned to reinforce the practice and activities completed in class. Falling behind on homework is unacceptable.  If your child does not complete the homework, his/her misunderstandings will not be identified, which will have further effects on quizzes, activities, & tests. 

Unit Tests:  Study your notes, openers, activities, assignments, and daily quizzes.

1- Sci. Meth./Life/Biomolec.

2- Cells Parts & Viruses

3- Cells Transport

4- Mitosis

5- Energy

6- DNA

7- Genetics

8- Evolution

9- Ecology

Exams:  Midterm covers units 1 through all or part of 4 and counts as two test grades. Final exam covers all science standards with the state mandated EOC and counts 20% of the final semester average.

PARENTS:  Please check Google Classroom (j0nbg2) for assignments and PowerSchool for grades & attendance. 

Other information you and your child need to know:

Students are required to:    

Be Prepared & Prompt:  Bring your materials & something to write with everyday.  When the tardy bell rings, have your notebook out, open, and begin the day’s opener.

Be Engaged:  Success in this class depends on you.  Participate in class and respectfully share your ideas, thoughts, and opinions of the daily topic.  Listen, learn, and succeed. ABSOLUTELY NO PHONES!

Be Kind to Others:  Do not interrupt class or disturb others.  Raise your hand to be recognized before sharing your opinions.

Be Respectful:  Show respect for yourself, others, opinions, property, time, and JICHS/CCSD rules and policies.  If it doesn’t belong to you, don’t touch it.

Be Mature and Respectful in the Lab:  You will go to a shared lab space for activities. It is VERY IMPORTANT to behave in a mature manner in the lab at all times!  Anyone who cannot behave in the lab will be removed and receive a grade of 0 for the lab activity! 

Biology Grading Scale:

50% - Unit Tests

20% - Quizzes

15% - Lab

15% - Daily Quizzes & Extra Practice

                             Midterm exam:  2 Test grades in the 1st Term grade

                             Final Exam EOC:  20% of the entire semester’s average 

Biology Class Supplies:

o    Pens & Coloring Pencils

o    College ruled paper

o    Binder

o    Glue Sticks

o    Tape

o    Highlighter(s) 


  1. If you are absent from school, you may turn in an assignment for credit within the allotted time (the number of days you are absent). It is up to you to show this work to me; I will not ask you for it. To identify missing assignments, you are to consult PowerSchool. If you do not show me the assignment within the allotted time, you will receive a zero. Work assigned prior to your absence is due upon your return.
  2. If you are absent from a class due to a field trip, activity, or sporting event, you are required to see me with your homework that day to receive credit. This includes handing in any assignments or projects. In addition, you must get the homework assigned that day, as it will be due with the rest of the class.
  3. Make-up tests and quizzes will not be administered during class time. These must be taken before school, after school, or during lunch. If these are not made up in the allotted time, you will receive a zero. You must schedule these times in advance and obtain a pass from me.
  4. If you miss class the day before a test, but were in class when the test was assigned, you are responsible for taking the test when you return.

Student Success:

I am more than willing to work with you before or after school in order to help you with your biologylessons. Keeping up with work as it is assigned, completing homework, participating in class, and asking for help are positive steps you can take to ensure your success in this course and on the exam.

I’m looking forward to a rewarding and exciting school semester with you! Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding this syllabus or questions you think of throughout the semester.  

Please keep my contact information and feel free to use it!

Mrs. Julienne Suttle                                                        

James Island Charter High School                                         

Room 117, office hours M-F 0800-0930

(843) 762-8443

Google Classroom j0nbg2