Matthew Spivey

Coach Spivey


Hello and welcome to Coach Spivey's 2018-19 Economics and American Government classes.  

I have been teaching for 7 years, 4 at JICHS. While here I have completed Gifted and Talented certification and am currently working on a masters degree.  I have a passion for Government and History.  I also coach baseball and football here at the Island.  During this semester, I will be teaching CP and Honors American Gov and Economics courses.  If you need me for any reason, I am most accessible by email.  My email is

Thank you and I look forward to a tremendous school year.

See below my schedule for the year.
1st - Honors Econ/Gov (90 minute)
2nd - Econ/Gov CP (45 minute)
3rd - Econ/Gov CP (45 minute)
4th - Honors Gov/Econ (45 minute)
5th - Lunch
6th - Honors Gov/Econ (45 minute)
7th - Planning